The Altered Diaries

I got some new spring dividers for measuring yesterday. I decided to make something with a picture window front page. So, here it is.

The Altered Diaries

Two new books. Both are made using new a new style and stitch that I learned at my bookbinding course last week.

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Latest book projects.

My Midori traveller’s book.

one leather bookcover

2 notebooks

1 notepad

1 leather pocket

1 person with a sense of adventure.

So nice. I winder where this is?

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I love folio closures. I’m experimenting with oversized closures. I think I’ll try a fold over cover on my next book.


All my favourite colours on this notebook I made.


A windy Friday afternoon here.

#2 Paris - Second in a series of three notebooks.

#1 Violet - First in a series of three.

#3 New York - Third in a series of three.

I’ve always wanted to make a bound notebook with signatures using card stock. This card stock is 140# or 270gsm. I love the formal structure of these notebooks.


Random bookpile.




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